Every deduction found. Every dollar you deserve.

The perfect tax solution for ABN holders (freelancing), independent contractors, and small business owners.

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We search and find industry-specific deductions for you.

Searches for unique deductions personalized to you and your line of work. We cover industries such as tradesman and construction contractors, taxi and Uber drivers, personal and professional services, tech consultants, hairdressers and beauticians, and more.

Common Deductions

Whether you’re a taxi or hire car driver, tradesman, independent contractor, small business owner, or have multiple sources of income, we’ll help you get every deduction for which you qualify .

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  • Materials and supplies
  • Tools and equipment
  • Commercial vehicle expenses
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Taxi or Uber Driver

  • Fee to Uber or rent cab from taxi owner
  • Petrol, car repairs, car wash and insurance
  • Road tolls, mobile phone, etc
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Hairdresser/ Beautician

  • Rent, electricity, water
  • Telephone, eftpos terminal
  • Materials, supplies and equipment
  • Insurance and other expenses
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  • Computer and software
  • Training courses
  • Business travel and accommodation
  • Home office expenses and internet
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